Message From CBF Chairman

Mr Spencer Sequerah

What a Year 2020 was, it was a first for many of us, First time most of us was by Law required to Stay At Home, First time we stayed home to listen to an online Mass during Easter week. It was a perfect time to bond with the Family for many if they had taken the opportunity, yet many complained about the Stay At Home Ruling. For the majority of us this was a first of many things. Many of us were worried about the loss of income especially those not in Essential Services. Many people especially in the Hospitality & Tourism industry lost their jobs. It was a wake up call for many of us as many of us felt that we were Invincible & nothing could touch us. It just took a Virus Strain to put the entire World on High Alert, Borders were closed & everyone was afraid as the Virus spread like wildfire across all Continents. Many were humbled by this Pandemic that infected the Poor & the Super Rich, it did not matter if you were of any ethnic origin or Nationality. This Covid 19 made us realised how vulnerable we were & we must be prepared at all times. We must have the Faith that All Things Are Possible with GOD.

We the CBF Committee also went without meetings for about 6 months as we did not know how long the Pandemic would last. Over the last 3 months we have been having Zoom Meetings to discuss on how we as CBF could help those that had lost their jobs & Incomes & we have come out with a few Initiatives & talks like How can we Digitalize our Business & we are in the midst of Organizing a Catholic Business Meeting where we as Catholics can help each other in Business or Referrals. All this will be done Online for the time being through Zoom or Webinars & we will meet once the Covid 19 issue is resolved.  

We have discussed that we will be meeting with the Archbishop to enquire about having an EA to guide us as we want CBF to be available to the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur. Fr. Philip Muthu was the first appointed EA for the CBF & with his demise the Parish Priest at that time was Monsignor Mitchel took over as our Spiritual Director & from that time on Fr. Boudville & Fr. Gregory Chan.

We will be in the next month be moving our Love Sale Shop & Creche for children nearer to the Assumption Church & we have plans to work with the Women’s Aid Group under the AOHD. We will be revamping our Facebook to include in a page for Employment Vacancies. The Arch Place (TAP) will be coming out with a few initiatives which will be depending on the Covid-19 Pandemic.

I wish that 2021 will be a Year of Opportunity for all of us, lets move forward learning that all of us are vulnerable & we should be prepared at all times.

May God Bless You ALL.