Datin Josephine Wong Fonseka

Message From TAP Chairperson

As most of us are aware, TAP has been in operation since Nov 2011 with a learning centre where poor parents can leave their children in the daytime, in order that they went to work – full time or part time.  In 2014/5 we forged ahead with a Micro Entrepreneurship programme (G I F T – Generating Income From Talent) which empower men and women to start their own businesses.  Since then we have had 4 graduations which uplifted the lives of no less than 50 families.  TAP operates under the umbrella of The Catholic Business Fraternity (CBF) which was founded in 2004 by the late Rev Fr. Phillip Muthu and Rev Simon Labrooy.  Subsequently in 2015 the former (Fr Phillip) and Fr Patrick Boudville were appointed the two Eclessiastical Assistants for CBF. TAP was registered ROS in 2015 with our mission, an extension of the CBF’s – to come together to pray and to give back to society.

Since the demise of Rev Fr. Philip Muthu in 2016, CBF/TAP has not had an appointment of a new EA. With the support of Monsignor Mitchel, the Parish priest of Assumption church then, and now, with the support of our current Parish priest Rev. Fr Gregory Chan, we have continued with our mission over the past few years.  We hope to look forward to the appointment of a new EA soon.  


TAP, in essence, supports families by providing an essential safe and conducive environment for children whose parents cannot afford child care. These parents have peace of mind working part or full-time jobs.  TAP aims to empower underprivileged families as a whole, which includes teaching parents sustainable life skills which furthers CBF’s mission to provide these parents with business and income opportunities. 

Allow me to now remember again our very dear the late Rev Fr Andrew Volle and who had helped us obtain a Euro 10,000 from MEP which was used for the betterment of the poor in the area of entrepreneurship. 

 In 2019/2020 we have 10 to 15 children coming to OUR TAP LEARNING CENTRE before or after school, depending on what their school activities are.  We have a house mother who teach the children and help them along.  To ensure the place is kept clean and food provided, we now have another helper – a single mother. We would like to record a word of thanks to ASSUMPTION SOUP KITCHEN for sending food to us on Mondays and Wednesdays when the soup kitchen was operating. 

We also provide support and shelter for individuals who are in need of a temporary place to stay – in 2018 we temporary housed and helped a refugee from Iraq get employment. 

A local boy Ah Hong who was very unsettled with his parents splitting up was sent to us but has since 2019 returned back to his father in Johore. 

Joseph who needed a place came to us and has been with us for a few years now.  He was given the responsibility to ‘watch’ over the security of the house especially at night.  The good news is he has found a stable job and has started paying his dues since last year.  

July of 2019 saw our fourth Graduation of 15 ladies in The GIFT programme.  We would like to record special thanks to His Grace, Most Rev. Archbishop Julian Leow for making time to be with us at this celebration.  It meant a great deal not only for us CBF/TAP but also for the graduands.  As at the three graduations before all graduands were given a ‘stall’ to display their wares from pickles, biscuit, healthy drink and snacks to baby clothes.  

Over the second half of 2019 the children who came to us were treated to 3 house parties.  At all these parties the children did a dance and singing performance.  In December they were kept busy; they entertained the retired sisters at IJ Convent, visited an Autistic home in PJ Old Town – Kebajikan Amal Dai Msia with CWL and also performed at Asrama Cahaya Rumah Wanits Cacat, Bukit Nanas.   

2020 March came the LOCKDOWN and MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER.  It was a choppy year as the authorities stopped and started school – from July to end September.  We had to, after consultation, reduced the salaries for both the staff as the learning centre was suspended and children stayed home. 

During this lull, the CBF/TAP committee worked behind the scene – looking for a more suitable location where we are able to maximise resources and facilities with a hope to re launch THE CBF LOVE SALE SHOP, and perhaps have CBF and TAP activities under one roof.   We hope to also starting to work with AOHD in listing employment and job vacancies in social media with an effort to help the many who have lost their jobs in this pandemic.  

We thank Sponsors for the GIFT Programme without which the dedication of our Assistant Chairperson, Sandra Ghouse and her team would not have been able to proceed with this entrepreneurship training. We also thank our donors; especially for sponsoring the 2 staff, TAP Operations Team, especially Matilda Lee and Vivienne Edmonds and the CBF core team in support of our activities.

Plans are underway to start another G I F T on line in with ladies of all faith and race, this time we hope to throw the net further through AOHD to reach other churches in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur.  With the continuing support of our benefactors we pray that TAP will grow in its effort to ensure our mission continue to meet our vision. 

God Bless.