Fr Greg

Message from the Spiritual Director

Fr Jude Gregory Chan

Parish Priest - Church of the Assumption, PJ

My dear friends,

The Catholic Business Fraternity has been a great source of blessings for the Parish as well as for the business owners, the B40 community and the needy who seek guidance, help and not forgetting motivation and education to cope with their difficulties in their journey of entrepreneurship. Especially over this Covid-19 pandemic, CBF has stepped forward to help the marginalized communities, including refugees and migrants, with their livelihood. I know that many needy parents and especially their children have and are able to live a bit more comfortably because of the many efforts of the members of these societies, CBF and TAP. The Arch Place (TAP) has done a wonderful job with their Children’s Education Centre, which enables the poor parents to go to work with a peace of mind, knowing that their children are well taken care of and are in safe hands.  I thus express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all that you have been tirelessly doing.

I wish you all the very best as you continue to do your good work through your many initiatives, which includes the newly set-up Love Sale Shop, which is located nearer the parish now.  You can be assured of my prayers and blessings as your Parish Priest.

God Bless!