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The Catholic Business Fraternity and The Arch Place’s function remains relevant as we battle changing economic climates and contemporary lifestyle trends that are reshaping communities. We hope the team will always grow in tandem with its pivotal services and continue to serve in humility and justice where the gentle breeze of The Spirit leads.

The Catholic Business Fraternity (CBF) was formed in 2006 so that business people of the archdiocese can give back in small and big ways to community. The idea was to fellowship in prayer and togetherness and then to give back from the pool of joint talents and skills. At CBF we come together as Catholics to fraternise as brethren’ of the faith and act as one to help others and each other especially in Business. It is our aim to help the church to grow in faith and fraternity in areas of business and entrepreneurship, as well as to come together to pray as one community, to give glory and praise to God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in our togetherness. From this standpoint, the business directory and the recruitment services started to take shape.

Although the group is fairly small, with a team of dedicated people from a few Parishes, its objective to reach out to the poor and evangelise God’s Word remains a burning passion with each member. CBF’s members come from every conceivable sector of business and it shares knowledge on various business approaches with talks and forums.

Its members share a strong bond: they need each other. This work is Ministry. It builds relationships and connections. It helps raise funds to aid the needy. Being a Christian in business means more than being a Sunday Catholic, or merely observing the Sabbath, it is a lifestyle with God as our CEO.

We thank the past and present business leaders who played a formidable role in our formation.

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Our Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision remains, to gather a representative from all churches in the Archdiocese to come together at our monthly meetings, so that many hands will make work light. This togetherness will enhance our quality of Fraternity in the Association and offer many skills, talents and blessings that we receive to help others to achieve their sense of purpose.

Our Vision also remains to associate at the diocese level to formulate and chart an active entrepreneurial partnership and cooperation with all parishioners at diocese level.

Our Mission

Our Mission till today is best described by our action and not in our words. It is etched in our hearts as we give back and care for others. Our mission is to answer the call of Christ our Lord, that we stand ready to serve. To lead and to follow God as our CEO.

Our Current Board | 2021-2023

Spiritual Director

Fr. Leonard Lexson

Parish Priest
Church of the Assumption, PJ

Mr Spencer Sequerah

CBF Chairman

Mr Glen Richards

CBF Deputy Chairman

Ms Sandra Anne Ghouse

CBF Secretary

Datin Josephine Wong Fonseka

CBF Internal Auditor | TAP Chairperson

Ms Vivienne Ong Edmonds

CBF Assistant Secretary

Ms Linda Khoo

CBF Treasurer

Ms Mathilda Lee

CBF Assistant Treasurer

President : Spencer Sequerah

Secretary : Sandra Anne Ghouse